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We've crafted a concise guide to ensure a seamless onboarding experience with us.


It includes essential steps like weekly/fortnightly calls, weekly emails, monthly reports, ad learning time, billing details, our preferred communication methods, updates, and content approval processes.


This guide aims to foster a smooth collaboration and keep you well-informed every step of the way.


Weekly Emails

We enjoy being transparent. This means that each week, you will receive a weekly email brief on the performance of your marketing campaigns. These updates will offer insights into key metrics, highlight successes, and suggest strategies for further improvement, ensuring you stay informed and aligned with our efforts.


Weekly/Fortnightly Calls

We'll hold weekly calls for the first 4-6 weeks to address your marketing campaign's early stages. Following this period, our meetings will shift to every two weeks, ensuring continued support and strategic alignment without overwhelming your schedule.


Monthly Report

Every month, we'll provide a report showing your marketing campaigns' performance. This report is detailed yet easy to understand, ensuring you can quickly grasp the progress and outcomes of our efforts.


Ad Learning Time

It's important to understand that advertising platforms typically require 3-6 weeks to optimise performance. During this time, the platform's algorithms learn to identify and target individuals most likely to convert into customers, improving effectiveness as ad spending increases. Essentially, each click or conversion teaches the platform what does and doesn't work, making the campaign more effective. This learning phase is crucial for maximising the return on your advertising investment over time.


Ad Billing Info

New ad accounts may experience frequent initial billing by advertising platforms, starting at every $5-$10 spent, to verify payment reliability, escalating quickly to higher thresholds. Existing accounts will be billed monthly or upon reaching their set limits. For tax invoices, please get in touch with us directly.


Updating Us

We appreciate being kept in the loop with any updates regarding your trading hours, offers, stock levels, capacity changes, lead quality insights, or introductions of new products or services. This information allows us to tailor our strategies effectively and ensure our marketing efforts align perfectly with your business needs and objectives.

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